Influenster April 2014 Viva Vox Box: My 1st Box!!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster.

So I received my first Influenster Viva Vox Box! I’ve been a member for awhile just never really understood how it worked, more than anything never took the time to understand the website. I was so jealous of other people’s freebies (lol, kidding!, kinda) that I decided it was time to take another look and figure out the website. I found that I didn’t understand how to earn badges and how my score was determined. Well I started unlocking badges by taking very quick surveys about what I used or my interest’s. Soon enough I unlocked a ton of badges and was getting so into Influenster.

I started reviewing stores and products I tried before, connected my social media profiles and soon enough my score went up and in about 2 weeks received an email saying I qualified for a April 2014 VivaVoxBox. Woot-woot! I’m really excited to try out the products. (I actually tried some the same day I received the box.)
So here it is, all nicely packed inside of a bright colored yellow box…

  • New Cetaphil Cleansing Clothes for Gentle Skin ($5.99)When I was a teen I had acne, not alot but I had my occasional pimples and blackheads. I remember trying lots of products to clear out my skin. My problem, oily skin. The Cetaphil cleanser worked great, glad I get to try these out. These facial wipes they were big enough to clean my whole face from dirt, oiliness and makeup. I didn’t even have to over rub my eyes to remove mascara and eyeliner.  They were gentle enough to not make my face burn afterwards, as they have no fragrance, big plus. The following morning when I woke up my face felt soft and clean, it must have been due to these wipes because I didn’t put any cream on. The package has 25 towelettes, if I can get a hold of any coupons and deals for this I will stock up because summer heat is right around the corner and that’s when my skin gets really dirty and oily.
  • Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant ($7.99)This is one that both hubby and I loved to see! We’re big fans of Vaseline lotion. I had already seen the commercial for this product but my husband had not, so when I explained to him how it was used he was surprised. I loved the smell, smells so good! And feels great on skin, its not greasy but leaves skin glowing, gives it a nice moisturized look and feel. But, to be honest I wouldn’t purchase Spray & Go because #1 hubby and I use same lotion (except for my Bath and Body Works, those are mine only) and this wouldn’t last more than a week if not less. #2 The price, I get more for less in a lotion rather than spray, and #3 It took me just about the same if not longer to spray and wait for it to absorb, as I would to pump and rub lotion on. Those are my nays, my yays are the wonderful cocoa radiant smell, the fact that it does leave skin looking glowy and moisturized without that greasy feel.
  • NYC New York Color City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color ($2.99)Something about wearing red lip color… I loved this! One more to add to my collection I love lipsticks, this one came just in time I needed a red one. I’ve never tried these kind of lip colors, kinda reminds me for huge crayons or those eyeshadow colored pencils my mom used except this one is twistable! No need to look for the huge sharpener. I loved the feel of the crayon, how easy it was to twist and how easy and smooth it goes on without leaving lips feeling dry. Its like a chap stick + lip color + lip gloss all in one, and has a very berry scent can’t wait to try other colors. Another thing loved about this lip color was that it lasts for hours, of course depending on your activity. I drank, ate, wiped my mouth and still had the red color on my lips, a little faded but I don’t mind re-applying.

South Ferry Berry
  • Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Mask in Manuka Honey & Honey ($2.49)- As I said in the Cetaphil review as a teen I didn’t have perfect skin so facial masks were a must for me. I love giving myself facials, they’re so relaxing especially now that I have mommy and wifey duties. I’ve never tried this brand or even known about it. I usually use Freeman and homemade. I have to say I loved it, it went on smooth and and very easy to peel off. Afterwards my skin felt smooth, I love masks I usually do one 1-2 a week. I looked into this brand and I love that they’re Eco-friendly and use natural ingredients, I love all things natural! They have a variety of masks so I will be getting some next time I’m in the beauty isle.
  • Pure Ice Nail Polish in “It’s Complicated” and “After Hours” ($1.69ea.)- Nail polish is my favorite, can’t ever have too many. This was the first product I tried when I opened the box. I can’t say how much I loved it enough. The color was bright like reddish-pinkish perfect for spring into summer weather when you want to show off your cute nails. I applied two coats and loved the results. It gave this glossy look and dried very quick, like in 1-2 minutes! I’ve been looking for a nail polish that dries quickly, as a mom I have tons of things to do and waiting for nail polish to dry isn’t on my list. I often times avoid doing my nails because they end up smudged. Definitely getting more of these, I actually thought these had to be expensive for great results it gave me, I was shocked when I was the price they were less expensive than one’s I normally buy. Happy Happy!
Day 5, the way my days go I’m lucky there’s only a few chips.
I should have taken a pic with the yellow rose. Just love the color.

  • Shell Fuel Reward Card (FREE)- This card came just in time, there’s a brand new Shell gas station in my neighborhood. To be honest I avoid going to Shell gas stations because gas is always more expensive there, but with this card I might save some cents since the gas station right across from them always has cheaper gas prices and Shell has to equal prices to gain customers. I did some research and found out there’s a ton of ways to earn points and save at the pump. Shop at participating grocery stores, dining, Shell items and services. Linking your MasterCard and using it adds points on top of grocery and dining. Shopping at Fuel Rewards Online Mall with brand name merchants, or selecting e-coupons for participating grocery stores. We shall see how this goes.
Sign up and activate or order your Shell Fuel Rewards Card it’s free!
Hope you enjoyed my little review on product I received from Influenster, overall I loved them all. Can’t wait to try out another box.
Have a great day!!

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