Show Off your #ClutchStyle with Huggies Natural Care® Wipes Clutch ‘n’ Clean Design

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Being a mommy to a now 5 year-old I don’t really consider myself a mommy expert. I have however changed a few hundred diapers, spit-ups, controlled fevers, tantrums and along the way used thousands of baby wipes for my now kindergartner. One brand I have stuck with along the way due to there stylish looks and convenient ways is Huggies Wipes.  Being a young mom I always loved that the Huggies tubs came with cool designs, I often had a hard time deciding which one to buy because they were all so cute! And even though I don’t have to wipe any more baby bottoms around here, I often have to wipe down a messy or dolled up face and sticky hands.

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I actually think I do a lot more cleaning up now than when she was a baby. So to all the future mom’s: baby wipes are a must! I have to stock up on mine because they run out quickly, I learned that early on in my mommy life so thanks to a few words of wisdom from a seasoned mommy friend I became a Sam’s Club member–  a mommy must-have! From stocking up on diapers, food, and baby wipes that membership sure came in handy.

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On my monthly trips or weekends stops to try out some samples (because who doesn’t love Sam’s Club food samples?!) I make sure to pick up a box of Huggies Natural Care® Wipes which provides the ultimate skin care for my child’s skin, these wipes are hypoallergenic and 99% water based. Each box counts with 864 wipes per pack and includes a tub and the exclusive members-voted Clutch ‘n’ Clean design, so you can be a super stylish mama!

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Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean is my favorite mommy accessory. I can take it on-the-go for any spills and mess Naty makes in the car in between snacks, at the park or if I need one. I love wiping my face with the Huggies Natural Care® wipes, I love how fresh they feel. Pulling them out from my purse makes me feel stylish, like a cool and modern mom because it pairs so well with my outfits. Who knew being a mom would bring out the fashionista in us?!

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So go ahead and show off your #ClutchStyle like the mamas in the “What’s Your Clutch Style” video who are straight outta that Mommy Hood and all about that mommy-life!!

Stay fresh and clean, with style mamas!

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