Spreading a Little Comfort & Cheer With Kleenex®

So many of us are already feeling Old Man Winter and it doesn’t feel too good. Now is the season when us moms have to keep a close eye on our kids and make sure they don’t catch the flu bug. This year that Naty has started her Kindergarten year, about two weeks in she caught the flu and was home for about a week, and that was during summer. So I decided to start preparing items just in case she catches the cold again, and sharing Kleenex® box tissues with her teacher to have on hand for all the other kids because you know that if one has a cold, pretty soon it will spread to the other little ones.

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When I need to stock up on items my favorite place to shop at is Sam’s Club, they always offer great prices on brands we always use. Every now and then I like to check if they offer and discounts on products I will be purchasing, this just makes shopping even sweeter.

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And just in case you don’t have time to do in store shopping, you can order online and just pick up or “Club Pickup”. I could tell you about the multiple member services they offer, but I have to share with how I will be spreading some comfort and cheer to little kindergartners. I’m sure you will love being a Sam’s Club Member especially during winter season!


Every year teachers always ask for Kleenex® tissues in the school supply list, but I think they must run out pretty quick. So I’m sure the 12 pack Kleenex® Anti-Viral facial tissue will be perfect especially this time of year.  Naty seems to use tissues every 5 minutes when she has a cold, she coughs, sneezes and then her nose gets runny. Kleenex® Anti-Viral tissues are perfect for cold and flu viruses, they have three soft layers, including a moisture-activated middle layer that kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses to avoid the spread of those icky germs.

I am going to send a few of the Kleenex® Anti-Viral facial tissues and hand sanitizer to Naty’s teacher for the kids in her class. It will come in handy and makes me feel good to think a sick child with a runny nose will find comfort and cheer with something as simple as a Kleenex® tissue.

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Kleenex® Anti-Viral have 3-ply facial tissues are soft and absorbent and come in upright boxes that are the right size for anywhere in your home. Boxes are available in a variety of cute styles and designs to accent every room décor.

Sam’s Club offers a variety of Kleenex tissues:

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Kleenex® Anti-Viral tissues will be my way to spread some cheer and comfort to runny noses this school year, will you #SpreadKleenexCare to your child’s classmates?


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