Make the Sobremesa the Best Time to Reconnect with Family and Friends #MomentoNESCAFÉ

In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to get distracted away from those that matter most to us. We all seem to think that with all the technology we have we’re closer… but have you noticed that when you sit whether at the dinner table or living room with family members, while some may hold a conversation most are looking down to their phones? I get it, we all want to know what is going on in our friends lives, but why not enjoy the special moments with those we have around us now?

#MomentoNescafe NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ started an interesting experiment to see how people reacted after dinner; some were left to conversate with each other but seemed not to have much to talk about, while the second group were all smiles when they saw the Nescafecito (as I call it) get to the dinner table, the party starts!

As a Latina I know all too well dinner isn’t over until we’ve had our tacita de café, this is called a Sobremesa, or the “after meal moment”, where we stay at the dinner table and prepare our cafecito and for me it kinda starts with how much coffee I’ve had for the day or how I like to have mine and it goes from there, next thing you know we’re talking about planning a fiesta or our kids… maybe even about a little chisme that’s going around, haha!

Based on the results, it is clear to see that a sobremesa is a meaningful moment for Hispanic families and friends to reunite and share. A sobremesa could be a special moment to reconnect with your loved ones and the perfect way for this to happen is a good stimulating cup of cafecito.

NESCAFÉ Clásico wants to rescue this notion and remind you that you could enjoy a great moment any day of the week simply by bringing coffee to the table after dinner.

IMG_0495 Do you have a Sobremesa moment you’d like to share? Or how about starting one? There’s no right or wrong place to have it, as long as you have a cup of aromatic NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™, family and friends to get the conversation going.

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