My Spring Vegetable Garden!

I love Spring! The temperature is very comfortable to be outdoors and it’s the best time to start gardening. A few weeks ago I started preparing and purchasing all of my gardening needs such as soil, seeds, pots and a few other items. I thought it’d be a nice day to post this and start getting my garden ready now that the rain is long gone… hopefully!

If you’ve been following the weather we’ve had major floods, tornado warnings, and all that scary stuff down here in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. Luckily our home didn’t flood, but just about 5-10 mins from our home many lost everything they owned. We clearly know that feeling, in both 2008 with hurricane Ike and in 2001 with tropical storm Allison. Today the sun rose and it has been a beautiful day, perfect for some gardening. So let me show you a few of my plants.

Cherry Tomatoes Plant-001 Here are my cherry tomatoes just before the rain last week, today I have picked many little red cherry tomatoes ready to be devoured in a yummy salad, but instead Naty will feed them to the chickens who seem to love the fresh little tomatoes.

Groables So while shopping at Home Depot, my husband and I like to split up, he shops in the tool area and all those aisles and aisles – tell you the truth my local Home Depot gets super packed so I avoid that side of the store as much as I can. I stick to the Gardening Center where I can concentrate and shop around for my next gardening adventures. 😉

I found some great deals, which are now over 🙁 I stocked up on a few Miracle-Gro Gro-ables pods, which I love love love! And for the price B1G1, I already had most of the pods I needed at home (Gro-ables hoarder here!) but I really came for the watermelon pod but only found one, the other was open… tsk! :/

Miracle Gro Growables So here’s a few photos from my little shopping trip at Home Depot. I was all over the deals they had going on. As my dad says,“Hay que aprovechar ahorita“, which means you gotta take advantage now.

HomeDepot gardening I had never used Plant Food for my plant, I have to say it’s pretty awesome! My plants have bloomed since using it.

99 cents only store spring Here is where I run to first on my trips to the 99 Cents Only Store, they have some thrifty items, almost a steal compared to other stores regular priced items.  Love me my 99 Cents stores!

Plants My sad looking potted plants, they’ll be big and beautiful in no time with all the neat stuff I purchased! 

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