E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go Review #MomsMeet

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e-hydrate Protein Onthego As moms, we’re always looking for natural, healthier choices for our family, but sometimes the options are limited. Which is why I was very excited when I was chosen to sample the E-Hydrate® Natural Protein On-the-Go for both adults and children.  E-Hydrate® set out to create natural and great-tasting hydration, nutrition, and energy products that are made with real flavors, born in the kitchen and not a laboratory.  E-Hydrate Protein On-the-Go delivers clean, with 25 grams of natural protein and only 150 calories and just 4 grams of sugar per pouch! Finally, a nutritious way to fuel your busy and active family!

e-hydrate Protein kids I can tell you that these were just perfect for those busy Sunday mornings when running to the park for my step-sons soccer games, and couldn’t find the time to pack up snacks for the kids. But with 10 grams of protein and only 70 calories, this is a perfect snack for your active little ones to take with them. E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go provides an incredible taste and essential electrolytes for hydration support. This powdered formula dissolves quickly and completely and is sold in a unique, patented RTM (Ready to Mix) pouch.

Each pouch of E-hydrate’s Protein On-the-Go retails for $3.49 and a 3-pack box retails for $11.49.

EHydrate DrinkMix E-hydrate also offers Adult Hydration Drink Mix and KIDS Hydration Drink Mix, which are my favorite when out of the house. Just add to a bottled water and your on your way to getting the recommended daily amounts of vitamins B, C, and D, minerals, and more electrolytes than leading sports drinks. Sweetened with all natural Stevia leaf extract, E-hydrate Adult Hydration Drink Mix and KIDS Hydration Drink Mix only have one carbohydrate and zero grams of sugar.

Kids EHydrate DrinkMix The E-hydrate KIDS Hydration Drink Mix has only 15 calories and is caffeine and taurine-free while E-hydrate’s Adult Hydration Drink Mix only has four calories and 40mg of caffeine. All E-hydrate products are Kosher and do not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives and are certified gluten-free.

A 10-pack box of the Adult Hydration Drink Mix retails for $9.99 and a 10-pack box of the KIDS Hydration Drink Mix retails for $9.99. This product line, which I forsee will be very popular among moms is now available in all Target stores nationwide.

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