Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey’s Presents: OUT OF THIS WORLD

This year, Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey will immerse you into an intergalactic experience with their new technology-driven show, OUT OF THIS WORLD. A new circus experience is among us that portrays a story of adventure through fire, ice and is led by the most innovating technology.

146_20160613_00126_Edit The new show premiered on the West Coast on July 7. Be prepared to blast off on an intergalactic adventure for the entire family. The show will include a variety of acrobatic, aerial, trapeze acts and much more. Performers gather from Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and all around the world to bring you unexpected surprises and amazing entertainment.

146_20160616_02223_Edit Some of the new technology features the show includes:

Projection mapping:

For the first time, Ringling Bros. will be integrating projection mapping to help bring their epic space adventure to life in arenas around the country. Projection mapping utilizes specialized software that takes programmed 3D images of the production and optimizes video to project around the shapes and surfaces that have been programmed into the software.

146_20160611_01257_Edit Portal Display:

Ringling Bros. is known for its elaborate and intricate portals. The portal for OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of the largest in their history. Included in this portal are two screens that will be used to augment the projections within the arena. They will also be available and have opportunities during the pre-show for interactive communication with audiences.


Spotlight Tracking Technology

This tracking system can help light everything from performers to animals to props throughout the show. The system allows us to flawlessly follow and light fast-moving skaters, as well as opening a world of possibilities for various effects that could never have been accomplished with a hand-operated follow spot. 

146_20160616_02377_Edit Puffersphere/Pufferfish:

The puffersphere is a round LED hi-resolution projection. In the OUT OF THIS WORLD, the narrator will tell the story of our space odyssey in this globe.

146_20160615_02544_Edit To check local listings for a show near you check out the Ringling Bros official website:https://www.ringling.com/out-of-this-world/.

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