Making Summer Moments Happen with JCPenney : Mangonada Frappé

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney, all opinions expressed are my own.

#soworthit mangofrappe JCP Summer is quickly coming to an end, soon the kids will be back in school and we will all be back to our daily routines. There are many things I will miss about Summer like going out to the beach on a hot weekend, cooling off at splash pads, BBQ’s with the family and enjoying refreshing treats with the kids. Two of our favorite refreshing drinks have to be a Mangonada Frappé , and since we have a cucumber plant in our backyard that has been growing tons of huge cucumbers all summer long, we have been making cucumber-limeade almost daily! Both are so refreshing and perfect for those hot summer days.

JCP Home Collections On my recent trip to the mall, I decided to stop by JCPenney and check out the Home section as I was looking to buy a new blender with a reasonable price tag. Walking in clearly reminded me why my mom always shopped at JCPenney, it’s the perfect one-stop shop for the whole family! All your needs, stylish and affordable fashion, home and beauty items in one place.  Kind of made me wonder why I don’t shop here more often.


jcp Kitchen JCPenney’s Home Collections carries everything you can imagine to have your home looking modern at an affordable cost. I found some very beautiful dinnerware I would love to decorate my kitchen with. I loved being able to find items that come in handy during the summer, like a popcorn maker, which the kids always love any time of the year. An ice cream maker sounds just about right to cool off from those high temps and bring the fun inside our home. But on this trip, I had one thing in  mind- a new upgrade to my old blender.

JCP Ninja I was so excited to see that the Ninja Master Prep Pro System was fully stocked, and at an amazing price for only $59.99! Not only will this baby come in handy during those hot summer days to help make fruit smoothies, frappés, and yummy drinks, but it will also save me some time in the kitchen by chopping up veggies. Definitely a win-win for moms. We could not wait to get home and try it out for ourselves, and with the 100° degrees weather we’ve been having for weeks now is a great time to try a Mangonada Frappé #SoWorthIt.

Collage ninja This blender was so easy to put together, and make cleaning it a breeze! Here is an easy recipe to this delicious and refreshing drink.


  • 2 cups of frozen mango chunks
  • 1/4 cup of water or mango juice
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Chamoy sauce
  • Chile Powder for fruits like Tajin


  1. Add frozen mango chunks, water, and sugar into Ninja blender. Blend until you get an icy consistency.
  2. In a cup, add chamoy sauce and squeezed lime juice, and chile powder. 
  3. Layer mango on top and if you’d like, continue to add chamoy sauce and chile powder in between. Top with chamoy sauce and chile powder and enjoy!

#soworthit mangofrappe PIN

JCP BLANKETS Did I mention that JCPenney is truly a one-stop shop for the whole family? Because it is, the kids even got in on the fun. They could not get over how soft these blankets were, already thinking how warm they’d be during winter, too bad our winter season is pretty short.

Interested in taking a look at the Home Collections at JCPenney?  Check it out here! :

What is your favorite part about Summer?

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