Cereal con Cariño: Enjoying the Moments that Matter


cereal-con-carino-8 Now that school has started I have less time to sit and eat with my daughter to talk and enjoy breakfast or lunch together. When she comes home she eats dinner and then starts on her homework, leaving little time to enjoy those moments. Which is why I cherish and look forward to weekends. Growing up my parents worked so much, I can only remember Sunday mornings as the only day where all the familia sat down for breakfast and plan the fun day ahead.

cereal-con-carino-12 Being that this month is Hispanic Heritage Month, I have decided to teach my daughter about her Hispanic roots at home, as she’s already learning some from her teacher in school. I enjoy telling her stories that I was told as a girl, showing her some traditions and explaining ones she doesn’t understand, turning on some musica and trying my best to teach her some traditional dances. And of course la comida, the food should never be an exception. Traditional plates as well as some not so traditional ones but ones my family has used and enjoyed over the years, all served con cariño, like Cereal con Cariño

cereal-con-carino-9 Cereal con Cariño is an exclusive 4-part video series featuring El Guzi as the host. El Guzi is known for his creative takes on recipes. His approach is fun for the whole family. His recipes are guaranteed to be the highlight of any party or family gathering. Jeanette Kaplun is an award-winning journalist and the creator of Hispana Global.

Cereal con Cariño is about empowering moms to feel good about serving cereal as a breakfast option. In doing so, she’s freeing time for a sit-down meal with her family – allowing time to discuss the day’s activities and most importantly, to make more time for her to shower affection on her children.

Cereal con General Mills will be at Fiestas Patrias in LA September 17-18


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Create fun and delicious cereal recipes with your children.

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